Fat Burner: Facts Behind Weight Loss Pills

Fat Burner: Facts Behind Weight Loss Pills

There are several ways to lose weight. You can choose which diet plan that works for you, do exercises, and so on. However, there are some people who rely on supplements or also known as fat burner to help them reduce unwanted body fat.

Is fat burner effective? Or risky? How to make the use of fat burner effective? Which product is the most recommended as there are lots of supplements at stores? Those questions might come up in your mind when you plan to buy your first fat-burning pills.

However, before you decide to go to buy your diet supplements, here are some facts you should know about fat burning pills.

  • Do not trust the label

Weight loss pills are not under the regulation of FDA, so there is no guarantee that the ingredients on the label are really safe. Manufacturers can put anything on the ingredient label and claim their products are recommended by physicians whatsoever.

One of the catchy phrases people usually fall into is “clinically proven”. This term can be defined that a product has been studied thoroughly and it is proven scientifically. Well, in fact, there is no real definition about what clinically proven is. That means any manufacturer can claim that their products are clinically proven by including some studies (which we do not know whether it is valid or not).

A company-funded study, of course, will say the company’s product is the best and the most effective. If a product is clinically proven, it has been tested in an independent lab and the result is published in a scientific journal.

How to make sure that a study is valid and legitimate? A legitimate study includes several factors such as:

  • External causing factors such as prior health condition, lifestyle, and socio-economic status
  • A large population of the area the supplement is taken
  • Double blind condition
  • Take below the recommended dose

Overdoing is not a solution. If you take a fat-burning pill for the first time, take half the recommended dose. What if you are a fat person? Partial dose may not take effect, but still you cannot take the dose exceed the recommended dosage.

Take one serving if the instruction says you should take two servings per day.

  • Consider the side effects

Even natural, healthy fat burning foods have their side effects. If you have serious health conditions, you need to talk to your doctor to anticipate the side effects that might come up. Do not mix it with prescribed medications to prevent negative impacts on your body.

Remember, all natural ingredients found in your fat burner are also available in your daily life. For example, iron. There are lots of vegetables rich in iron such as broccoli, pok choy, lentils, and beans.

  • Different people, different result

You and your friend take the same weight loss supplement, apply a healthy diet, and do the workouts. But, the result is different? Yes, metabolism is different among people. You cannot expect the supplement will work instantly as shown in the advertisement.

Do not trust the pictures of before and after. Those pictures may have been edited to lure customers. Remember, nothing comes instantly. Do not expect that after taking the pills for two weeks, your body’s shape will be like Beyonce’s.

  • Do Not Rely on Fat Burners Forever

If you take supplements for long-time (and get used to it), your body will lose its metabolic rate. Your body will not feel the effect of the supplements again.

Let’s start from coffee. If you drink your first cup of coffee, you will feel more energetic. But after drinking every day, you will lose the effects of caffeine, and will drink more to feel how caffeine works.

Fat burning supplements are taken on cycle, and they should be taken during your weight loss program. Do not make yourself dependent on this too much.

  • Fat burner is just a supporting tool, no more

Use fat burners wisely. Fat-burning supplements are only used for weight loss program to accompany your diet program and workout. Do not think that your fat burner as a magic supplement that can help you lose weight quickly.


There is a process for everything, including weight loss. Just realize that it takes a lot of hard work to make you get back to shape. Fat burner is a tool, but not rely on that. Do not think that after you take weight loss supplement, you do not need to exercise and watch what you eat. Exercise regularly and eating healthily are a must if you want to lose extra pounds. Fat-burning pills are taken to accompany your weight loss effort. It is fine to buy weight loss supplement, but make sure you stick to your plan.

Before you buy your supplement, make sure you do your own research. Do not trust claims easily. The more claims manufacturers make, the more research you need to do to make sure about the safety of the product.

You still can burn fat without the use of weight loss pills. Try to eat healthy food every day, keep moving your body. Start from something small.

















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