Extreme Weight Loss: When Weight Loss Efforts Harm Your Body

Extreme Weight Loss: When Weight Loss Efforts Harm Your Body

Everyone wants to know how to lose weight quickly. Admit it, OK? We all try to find the best way to lose weight and get lean as Hollywood stars. Having an ideal weight is good for your health, however, some people want a quick solution to lose weight and choose to do dangerous ways to get thinner.

Extreme weight loss is a practice to shed pounds in an unusual and unsafe ways. People often forget that it takes a process to get an ideal weight. Here are some extreme weight loss methods and diets people do to shed pounds more rapidly:

  • Lemonade Diet (The Master Cleanse Diet)

This diet has been popular and some celebrities adopt this diet and it works! You only drink a water with lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper and you will lose weight. But, it does not take long, according to Alyse Levine M.S., RD, a Los Angeles-based nutritionist. This diet will make you gain weight again once you eat solid food. In addition, this diet also leads to muscle mass loss and drop in metabolism.

From the name, you know what this diet is all about. Touted by fitness trainer Tracy Anderson, this diet encourages you to eat a small portion, jarred rations of pureed food, just like your baby. You are an adult, remember? Why do you eat like babies? You are an adult who can also use a fork while eating. Rather than eating your baby’s food, why do you not increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables? It is easier, right?

  • Insulin Abuse

Diabetic teenagers do this by injecting less insulin to maintain their blood sugar level (even though this diet fails to keep it low). The success of this diet is high, however, it is high-risk as well. Insulin abuse can harm your body’s organs such as liver, kidney, and so on.

Some people take diet pills more than the recommended dosage. They think the more they consume it, the better the result is. Some weight loss supplements may work, but you should read the instruction and consult with your doctor to avoid further risk. Pills made from the mixture of herbs and stimulants can make you feel addicted.

The dangerous effects of diet pills overdosing are insomnia, irregular heart beat, seizure, and coma.

Some cannot differentiate prescription pills and over-the-counter supplements. The first one is given to obese people and under medical supervision. Prescribed supplements are also strictly regulated by the FDA. However, you should be extra careful with self-proclaimed tablets or supplements as they can pose a danger to your health.

  • Smoking

Cigarettes are addictive and honestly speaking smoking can help you suppress your appetite. But, consider the long-term effects. Smoking ruins your health and causes cancers and heart disease. Once you stop smoking, you will gain weight more extremely than expected.

  • Gastric bypass

It is a medical procedure that makes your stomach smaller and allow food to pass a smaller part of your intenstine. This surgery makes you feel full longer and more quickly as it reduces the nutrients absrobed by your digestive system.

The Risks of Extreme Weight Loss Practices

Extreme weight loss efforts have some high risks such as:

  • Dehydration

  • Can lead to severe eating disorders

  • Lower sex drive

  • Sleep Deprivation

  • Increase in stress level

  • Hair Loss

  • Disrupted metabolism

  • Deficiency in nutrients

  • Various health problems ( anemia, constipation, diarrhea etc)

  • Excess skin

  • Lack of concentration

  • Fatigue

How to lose weight quickly and safely..

Losing weight for health is good. And you should choose healthy and safe ways to cut your stomach fat. Extreme weight loss efforts (from diets to surgeries) may work more quickly than expected, but consider the risks too. There is no instant way to lose weight. Start exercising routinely and changing your eating habit gradually.

Start from the early morning. You can start having a healthy breakfast with healthiest choices such as whole grain bread, cereals, oatmeal and fruits. Then increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables. Do not forget to do exercises. Start from 15-20 minutes of walk. You can walk at home if you are too lazy to go outside. Then, you can start increasing the portion of your workout. If you start doing exercises for 15-20 minutes for six days a week for several months, then you can increase it to 30 minutes four times a week.

Having an ideal weight is everyone’s dream. But that does not mean you harm yourself and push your limits. Enjoy the process of losing weight and you will be surprised with the results.




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