Diet Supplements: Facts, Benefits, Risks You Need To Know

Diet Supplements: Facts, Benefits, Risks You Need To Know

Everyone wants to lose weight for a better health. From following diet plans that might work for them to do physical exercise. However, some people turn to diet supplements with an expectation that those pills can help them shed extra pounds instantly.

The next questions will be: Are diet supplements necessary? Are diet pills a magic that can cut your belly fat quickly? Or are there any risks we should anticipate if we take diet supplements? Some say they are safe. Well, some products are indeed safe. But other diet supplements need a further study. There are lots of dietary supplements at drugstores, and each product claims to be the most effective in helping you lose weight faster.

Before you buy and recommend any diet supplements to your relatives and friends, let us find out about them..

What are diet supplements?

Diet supplements have ingredients consisting of herbs, amino acids, mineral, vitamins, and enzymes. They are sold in forms of liquids, pills, powders, capsules, softgels, and so on.

Are there any advantages?

Supplements help you get nutrients you are lacking during your diet, or if you have certain health conditions that cause you to suffer from vitamin deficiency. Some multiple vitamin pills are beneficial to your health as they provide all nutrients needed by your body. These multivitamins only contain small amounts of each nutrient, so you do not need to worry about the safety.

In addition, there are individual supplements, that contain specific nutrients that are larges than the amounts in multivitamins (for example, iron,calcium etc). They are helpful in overcoming nutrients’ insufficiency. But, sometimes these supplements are specific to treat certain health conditions. For example, folic acid supplements has been using to lower risks of birth defects.

Despite the fact that some supplements are scientifically proven to treat certain medical conditions, there has been no research-based evidence that can tell that those supplements are effective in helping you lose weight faster.


Are there any risks?

Dietary supplements are not strictly regulated in the United States. In addition, pharmaceutical companies do not have to prove that supplements they manufacture are scientifically safe. Our habits can lead to harmful effects of those supplements. Here they are:

Mixing different supplements at the same time • Combining supplements with medication

Taking supplements as substitutes for prescribed medicine

Taking too many multivitamins

We often find it hard to obtain reliable information on dietary supplements, about the safety, risks, and so on. As most dietary supplements are self-prescribed, we cannot expect suggestions and advice from our doctors or nurses.

For cancer patients, taking dietary pills can develop severe risks, especially if they are undergoing chemoteraphy. The antioxidants in the supplements might affect the cancer-cell killing medication. Oncologysts often advise cancer patients to skip dieting supplements until the treatment is done.

Before you buy…

Consult with your doctor: Especially if you are undergoing special medication. It is very important as some supplements may have negative interactions with drugs you are taking during the therapy.

Find the certified products: Make sure you buy supplements certified by an independent organization such as NSF International as it guarantees that the products you want to buy are safe. These products under the certification of American National Standard NSF/ANSI 173 mean that they contain no harmful substances.

Read the label: We might forget this simple thing. Check the label to know the ingredients, dosage, and the manufacturer.

Check the expired date: Make sure you do not buy the product with the expiration date close to the date of purchase. Expired products can lose their potency.

Take the dose as recommended: Follow the instruction. If the instruction says you must take it twice a day, just follow it. What about if you consume several supplements? Check the ingredients ensure you ware taking appropriate amount of nutrients from multiple supplements.

And please do not…

Caught by “all natural”, “pharmaceutical strength” phrases: Those terms are not regulated yet by the government, so there is no guarantee that products using those catchy phrases really contain natural ingredients. In addition, do not fall for weight loss, sexual enhancement pills as they contain an amphetamine-like drug called sibutramine. This drug is banned in Europe, Asia, and the U.S

Use supplements as a substitute for medication or healthy food or workout: Do not expect that you will lose weight instantly after taking dietary supplements several times.

In conclusion..

Dietary supplements are optional. You can take them as instructed on the label. However, do not skip healthy diet and regular physical exercise. Losing weight does not happen instantly. It takes a process and hard work. Do not rely too much on supplements and talk to your doctor before taking any supplements to make sure the nutrients in supplements do not have negative interactions with your medicine. dietary-supplements-follow-this-advice dietarysupplements/ dietary-supplements-risks-and-side-effects dietary-supplements-2506547


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