What You Need To Know About Detox Diet

What You Need To Know About Detox Diet

More and more people are looking for the best ways to keep fit. There are some growing trends around us; from Mediterranean to low-carb diets. One of the most popular diet programs is detox diet or cleanse diet. Some people are feeling better after cleansing “toxins”from their bodies. However, is detox diet effective at helping you lose weight and feeling healthy?

Definition of Detox Diet

Detox is a popular term in the diet. It refers to the activity of removing all toxic materials from our body periodically to maintain our health. We know that we are too much exposed to toxic waste such as pollutants, cigarette, or even from the food we consume. Therefore, it is important for us to detoxify our body, mainly the colon and liver.

How many types of cleanse diet or detox diet?

There are some popular types of cleanse diet such as:

The Master Cleanse: The most chosen cleanse diet plan. Based on this program, you detoxify your body by drinking six to 12 glasses of lemon juice/water/maple syrup/lemonade/cayenne pepper and taking laxatives. This program is said to be able to help you shed extra pounds.

Juju Cleanse: You consume juice to remove all toxins as fruits and vegetables are beneficial to our body. • Blueprint Cleanse: This is celebrities’favorite diet program. Under this program, you will be sent six bottles of juices comprising of mixed veggies and fruits (depending on your health goal you want to achieve). You only drink juices for the period of three days-two weeks. Or if you want to make it yourself, you can take a look at juice cleanse recipes.Blueprint is a brand of diet juice.

The Candida Cleanse: This diet aims to tackle the overgrowth of fungus in our digestive system. There are two types you can choose: from eating raw veggies for 7-14 days with down daily liver and color drinks. The other option is colon cleanse’ diet, where you only drink detox drinks and vegetable broths and incorporate colonic irrigations (optional) for the period of three-seven days.

Colon Cleanse: You can cleanse your colon through teas, supplements, and laxatives. Or alternatively, you can take a colon irrigation, which pumps water from your rectum with a help of a colon therapist to remove the toxins and water.

Dr.Oz’s 48-Hour Cleanse: This program combines juice and healthy food, such as barley, quinoa, and oats. The doctor also allows you to have raw veggies as snacks. In addition, the doctor suggests Dandelion tea and Epsom salt baths to boost effectiveness of the diet.

Is detox diet effective?

Some proponents of detox diet claim they are feeling better and healthier after following a detox plan. However, according to experts and nutritionists, there is no valid evidence that detox diet is effective at helping you lose weight and is not as healthy as you assume. Detoxification, or the act of cleansing your body’s toxin is often used as a marketing gimmick by health supplement producer or introduced by several celebrities. They start from the argument that our body is exposed to dangerous toxins that can cause cancer and other severe illnesses.

Dr. Michael Gershon, a professor of pathology and cell biology at Columbia University in New York stated that drinking a juice as a program to cleanse your body is not proven effective at helping your body get rid of dangerous toxins. Our body can do cleanse all the dangerous substances by its own, Gershon said.

There is also a misunderstanding here. Most detoxification supplements claim that their products can detoxify the liver. However, in a healthy individual, the liver is the best organ that cleanse your body (except for people with hepatitis).

Next, some people also misunderstand about the role of the colon. Some of detox diet supporters also promote so-called colon cleanse. However, experts at Mayo Clinic said that these programs, which include herbal medicines, laxatives whatsoever, will not be useful medically. Colon cleanse also has its side effect, such as nausea, abdominal pain, vomitting, and diarrhea. In some cases, the side effects can be worse, such as kidney and liver failure, dysentry, and blood infection.

How to detox my body naturally?

You can start by:

Drink lots of water

Take a physical exercise regularly to maintain blood circulation

Drink green tea • Choose organic fruits and vegetables

Have a massage to exfoliate the toxins and make you feel refreshed




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