Weight Loss Tips That Work Effectively

Weight Loss Tips That Work Effectively

Weight loss is now a lucrative industry. Yes, there are lots of weight loss programs claiming to be the most effective in helping you lose weight. From weight loss supplements to diet foods, all manufacturers are competing to attract customers with some catchy phrases such as “clinically proven”,”clinically recommended”, and so on.

Is it hard to lose weight? Or easy? Why is it difficult to shed extra pounds? Well, it all depends on you. We have been too overwhelmed by weight loss programs or weight loss tips on the internet or TV. Sometimes we do not know which one is the most effective and which one is the least one. Some weight loss tips may work for us, but not for others.

Moreover, some people also think that it is too expensive to lose weight. You have to buy this and that, do this and that. Sometimes weight loss programs sound unrealistic and we find it too hard to stick to them. Are there any easy weight loss tips to help us lose weight more quickly?

Here are some weight loss tips that work effectively. They are easy to follow, too. Here they are.

  • Eat more protein

When it comes to reducing your body fat, protein is the most important nutrient you cannot skip. Eating more protein will help you feel less hungry. In addition, eating high-protein food can increase your metabolism by 80-100 calories per day. According to a study, protein at 25 percent of calories suppresses your appetite by 60 percent.

Start eating eggs with Greek yogurt for breakfast. Or make a sandwich with an egg. Other protein sources are sockeye salmon, yellowfin tuna, Cottage cheese, Swiss Cheese, chicken breast (choose the skinless and boneless), lentils, and so on.

  • Cook with coconut oil and olive oil

Skip your frying oil. Try coconut oil, which is rich in fats called medium chain triglycerides. These fats are processed differently compared to other fats. Coconut oil can boost metabolism and convert bad cholesterol to good cholesterol. These fats in coconut oil can help increase the number of calories you want to burn.

Olive oil is another healthy oil you can try. According to a study, replacing your salad dressing with olive oil or cooking with it can lower risk of stroke by 41 percent.

Using healthier oils can help you reduce your fat.

  • Eat more fiber and less refined carbs

Fiber is good for your digestive system. It also helps lower your blood sugar. One of the best fiber sources is oatmeal. It is proven that oatmeal reduces the risk of heart disease and reduces your craving in the afternoon.

Whole-grain bread, whole-grain pasta, berries are also among amazing fiber-rich food you can eat.

  • Modify Your Favorite Food to a Healthier Version

Fried chicken and French fries are the best temptation you cannot resist. However, try to make your own version which is healthier. For example, if you like fried chicken, you can make a healthier version by coating the chicken in crushed corn flakes and baking it. To accompany your baked chicken, make mashed potato and add sauteed vegetables.

If you like burgers, make your own burger patty by adding vegetables, oat, or mushroom.

  • Start from something small

There is no instant way to get healthy. There is a process, and everyone goes through it. Be realistic. Start from a small thing you can do everyday. For example, you can start from eating a healthier breakfast with oatmeal or cereals with low-fat milk and fruits. Then avoid sugary drinks such as canned juice.

Then, start your physical exercise. If you do not like cardio exercise, try walking exercise. Start from 15 minutes a day. Then, increase your portion.

  • Choose fruits as snacks

Do you have sweet teeth? Try to skip the cupcake from your table. Choose a healthier option. Replace your fatty snacks with fruits. Granny smith apples, Asian pears, berries, watermelon and other fruits are excellent for your health.

What about snack bar? Check the ingredients before you buy. Make sure the product does not contain sugar more than 10 gr. And, make sure the fats come from nuts.

  • Keep active

Your household chores cannot be underestimated as they can help you get slimmer. Scrubbing your bath, for example, can reduce 200 calories and is equal to 45 minutes of dancing. Ironing your clothes for 30 minutes is the same with doing an aerobic exercise for 11 minutes (make sure you stand up while doing it). To help you feel energetic, try to dance a little bit while doing your chores. You want to cook, then try to listen to an upbeat song and dance for a few minutes. Cheer up!

  • Use a smaller plate

This is one of the most forgotten weight loss tips. Eating with a smaller plate will control your portion.

  • Brush your teeth every time you finish your meal

Brushing your teeth warns you not to continue your eating.

  • Have enough sleep

Sleep deprivation is not harmful to your health, but also to your weight loss programs. Poor sleep is one of the causing factors that leads to obesity, raising risk of obesity by 89 percent in kids and 55 percent in adults, a study reported.

  • Do not multitask while eating

We multitask and eat at the same time very often. If you eat, just focus. Sit down and eat. Do not do something else.

  • Avoid diet, choose healthy foods instead

The term” diet”sounds so scary. We often hear many people fail to get rid of their extra fat despite following the strictest diet plan.

What should you do then? Change your mindset. Instead of following a diet plan, choose a healthier food for your daily activity. Your goal to lose weight is to maintain your health and keep fit, not to make you feel hungry all the time.

Hope these weight loss tips are helpful in making you a healthier person. Remember, there is always a first time for everything.






Weight Loss Calculator: How It Can Help You Shed Pounds

Weight Loss Calculator: How It Can Help You Shed Pounds

One of the problems that people frequently face when they are trying to lose their weight is that they do not know exactly how many pounds they need to shed from their body. Questions like “Will this weight be too much or little for my height?” or “Do I need to shed more pounds so I can look great?” are often left with no answers. Yes, it is true that without tools, people will find it difficult to reach their weight loss goal, especially when some factors also need to be taken into account in the weight loss program. When you are among those who are in this confusion, weight loss calculator will be a great help.

There are many weight loss calculator choices available, either those we can use on browsers or apps. You can choose which one that will suit you best. Each calculator will give you different kind of ways of calculating your weight. Each calculator also has their own pros and cons. You need to have some trials to know which calculator that is giving you the best calculation. Since precision is needed here, you may need to find which weight loss calculator that gains many positive reviews.

Weight Loss Data Matters

Actually, some weight loss calculator works much the same way. You will need to fill in your weight and height to the available columns, along with other data like age, activity level, and many more. The supporting data needed might be different from one calculator to another. You may need to try some calculators at once to compare the result. Although it doesn’t guarantee accuracy, you can rely on the numbers that are shown by most calculators. If you don’t have that much time to try from one calculator to another, you can pick one that you think apply to your situation.

The good thing about weight loss calculator is that it does not only show you how much weight you need to remove from your body, but it also shows you what exercises you need to do, how long you need to move your body, and what kinds of food you need to eat in order to reach that weight loss goal. That is the reason why a calculator like this is important to be included in your weight loss program. It can monitor you and track your progress. In the end, it will be easier for you to stay positive and motivated.

Recorded Activity Level

Why activity level needs to be included in the data of the weight loss calculator? It is because your calorie intake every day can be different based on the amount of activity you do. If you work out more on certain days, you will need to eat more so that you will get the fuel for the workout. For your information, the minimum calorie intake is 1500 for men and 1200 for women. The calculator will help you stay in the “safe” condition, in which you do not intake too much or too little calories than the amount of calories you burn.

Weight loss calculator can also be used to monitor kids or teenagers who strive to lose their weight. In many cases, the condition of kids and teenagers are different with adults. Their calorie needs will be different and the time they need to exercise may also be different. Parents can use this kind of calculator to manage their kids’ weight loss program. Often, parents are worried that their kids’ weight loss program is not suitable for their age and growth period. This calculator will be the best option for parents to monitor the way their kids lose their weight.

Weight Loss Calculator Features

Certain weight loss calculator will also provide converter to ease your calculating process. It can convert pounds to kilo, or inches to centimeter and vice versa. Other denominations may also be available in other calculators. This kind of facility will certainly make the calculation easier. Sometimes, people with different culture find it difficult to state their weight in pounds or height in inches or vice versa. Though it seems simple and unimportant, this converter will add up to the convenience of the users of the calculator. With this converter, mistakes when entering personal data can also be minimized.

Another difficult thing besides losing weight is maintaining weight. Many people complain that after losing certain pounds in certain period of time, they gain weight again in no time. With the weight loss calculator, you can maintain your ideal weight easily. Maintaining weight also means that your weight should be in healthy state. If the actual body weight falls within 10% of the weight calculated, either above or below it, your weight is still considered healthy. You can also try to compare the number stated in the calculator with the BMI to help you confirm the healthiness of your weight.

Tips to Choose The Best Weight Loss Supplement

Tips to Choose The Best Weight Loss Supplement

Everyone wants to lose weight fast. They will do anything they can as long as they can reduce belly fat. From eating healthily to doing physical exercises. Besides a healthy choice of foods, weight loss supplements are sometimes included in our diet.

There are abundant of fat burning pills at drugstores you can choose. They claim to be the best fat burner, the most effective, or pharmaceutically recommended whatsoever. They sound to be too good to be true, right? So, which one is the best weight loss supplement ? Here are some factors you need to consider before you buy your first fat burner.

  • Safety

Yes, safety comes first. You spend extra money and there must be a guarantee that the product is safe for your health. Read reviews as many as you can (from reliable sources, of course) to find more detail information and ask some people who have used the product.

Some fat burners have minor side effects such as light insomnia if you take it too late. This happens because some supplements have some form of caffeine and other types of stimulants. When you take a fat burner for the first time, your body will have to adjust several changes caused by the supplement.

  • Negative interaction with prescribed medication

Despite the claim that the supplement you buy is the best weight loss supplement ( as claime by the manufacturer), you need to talk to your doctor, especially if you have a serious health condition. Is the supplement necessary? This is to avoid further negative interaction with the medicine you are taking. Even the healthiest and the most organic supplement like green coffee extract can have severe reactions in individual who take them.

Prevention is the best medicine. Therefore, consult your doctor before taking any supplements or fat burner.

  • Ingredients matter: Natural or synthetic?

When it comes to diet supplements, there are two types of products: products that are made from natural or organic ingredients and those made from synthetic ingredients.

Supplements made from organic ingredients are less costly and safe and have no side effects at all. However, do not expect that you will be slimmer instantly. There is no overnight sensation on weight loss efforts.

  • Make sure you check the labels before you decide to buy.

If the supplements are made in China, you had better not buy it due to lack of regulation and low-quality manufacturing. The ingredients will likely be contaminated.

  • Keep focusing on your diet

Even the best weight loss supplement cannot replace your food. Diet pills are only a tool, and do not use them as a food. Supplements give you additional nutrients you may be missing in your diet.

  • Losing weight is a process

Do not expect the supplements will help you find a solution on how to lose weight in a week. Weight loss does not happen instantly.

So, how to buy the best weight loss supplement?

Here are some tips to buy the best fat burner to support your diet:

  • Check the label

Choose plant-based supplements as they are affordable and have no side effect. Make sure the fat burner you buy contains no additive substances. Besides the ingredients, you need to check the dosage, side effect, and so on. Follow the label’s instruction. Remember, more is not better as taking supplements more than the recommended dosage will harm your health.

  • Do not buy supplements that contain dyes and artificial sugar

Artificial sweetener adds a special taste and dyes are used to make supplements look eye-catchy (mostly for kids). Some supplements have a small amount of natural sugar, which are not harmful to your health.

  • Do not trust the marketing gimmick 100%

It is still related to doing research. We get impressed by phrases such as “clinically proven”, recommended by physicians”. How do we know? There is no definition about what”clinically proven”is. Even the word”natural” does not mean the pills are made from 100% natural ingredients.

  • Choose the supplement from a trusted manufacturer

Buy the brand that is produced and sold by the manufacturer. The most important thing, buy a brand or product that is being manufactured in a G.M.P. (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified facility as regulated by the F.D.A.

How to make it work?

Your fat burner can work effectively. How?Here are some tips to make it work.

  • Follow the instruction on the label.

  • Do not take more than one supplements at the same time

  • Do not combine it with your medicine. Therefore, you should talk to your doctor to anticipate the side effects of the fat burner.

  • Use your fat burner wisely. Do not make yourself too dependent on it.

Hope these tips are helpful. Keep in mind that your weight loss mainly depends on your physical activities and healthy eating diets.






Pregnancy Weight Gain: How To Avoid Obesity During Your Wonderful Moment

Pregnancy Weight Gain: How To Avoid Obesity During Your Wonderful Moment

Pregnancy is the most awaited moment for women. They are waiting to be called “mom”and they want to give the best for their little precious ones. When you are pregnant, of course, you will experience weight gain. Despite being happy, you will also feel worry that it takes a longer time for you to lose weight after your baby is born. However, no worries. You still can reduce belly fat after the delivery by maintaining a healthy eating plan, being physically active, and breastfeeding. They all will help you get rid of extra pounds.

Most people think that weight gain during pregnancy is the unborn’s weight. This is wrong. Most of the weight gain is to feed your unborn with nutritious food to support his or her health. You can see the diagram to check where your baby weights go to.


It is normal that you are packing pounds during the pregnancy. However, that does not mean you can eat double with a mindset that you are eating for two; you and your fetus. Here are some guidelines about the normal weight gain you should have during your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Normal Weight Gain: The Guidelines

It depends on your weight before pregnancy and body mass index (BMI). In addition, your health and your baby’s health are also important factors that affect how much you gain during the delivery. This is the guideline for pregnancy normal weight gain:

Before pregnancy weight: Underweight (BMI

Recommended weight gain:
28 to 40 lbs. (about 13 to 18 kg)

Before pregnancy weight: Normal weight (BMI 18.5 to 24.9)

Recommended weight gain: 25 to 35 lbs. (about 11 to 16 kg)

Before pregnancy weight: Overweight (BMI 25 to 29.9)

Recommended weight gain: 15 to 25 lbs. (about 7 to 11 kg)

Before pregnancy weight: Obese (BMI 30 or more)

Recommended weight gain: 11 to 20 lbs. (about 5 to 9 kg)

If you are pregnancy with twins or multiples..

For normal weight (BMI 18.5 to 24.9), the recommended weight gain is between 37 to 54 lbs. (about 17 to 25 kg). For overweight women with BMI 25 to 29.9, you should gain weight about 31 to 50 lbs. (about 14 to 23 kg). Then, obese women (BMI 30 or above), the recommended weight gain is between 25 to 42 lbs. (about 11 to 19 kg).

No matter whether you are pregnant with only one baby or multiples/twins, consult your doctor to talk about how much you should gain weight. They will tell what is the best for you based on your pre-pregnancy weight and overall health condition.

When you put on too much..

When you put on weight more than the recommended amount during your pregnancy and you cannot lose it after your baby is born, the extra pounds will lead to severe illnesses, such as hypertension and diabetes. Childhood obesity is also linked to obesity while pregnant. In addition, obesity in pregnancy also increases risks of having premature birth.

How to avoid obesity when you are pregnant

A healthy pregnancy is a key to a healthy mom and a healthy baby. Obesity can affect pregnancy and here are some complications you might have if you gain too much weight:

  • Preeclampsia: Women who are obese while pregnant will have more risks of having preeclampsia, a condition when your blood pressure is high. Preeclampsia also leads to the damage of your body’s organ, mostly kidneys.
  • Overdue pregnancy: Obese women will have an overdue pregnancy, a pregnancy that continues longer than the expected delivery date.
  • Gestational diabetes: This disoder is a diabetes you develop during pregnancy (if you are obese)
  • C-section: When you are pregnant and obese, you will likely undergo emergency C-sections. Not only that, the risks of C-sections are things you have to deal with (such as wound infections, etc)
  • Miscarriage: Obesity can also increase risks of losing your baby.


Obesity while pregnant also affects your baby’s health. Your baby will suffer from


  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Birth defects


Then, what’s next?


Here are some tips to avoid obesity while pregnant


  • Start your pregnancy at a healthy weight

You should even start it when you are trying to conceive. Discuss it with your doctor to make sure about your BMI and the normal weight gain you should have.


  • Eat wisely and more frequently

You eat double because of your baby? Skip that plan. 340 extra calories per day in your second trimester and 450 extra calories per day in your third trimester are enough to start your pregnancy healthily. However, the amounts may vary if you are obese or underweight.


Eat in a small portion but often. Focus on food types high in lean protein. Fruits and vegetables must be included in your plan to achieve a healthy pregnancy.


Choose healthy snacks such as low-calorie snack bar or fruits between meals.


  • Keep hydrated

Drink 8 glasses of water can prevent you from being dehydrated.


  • Choose complex carbs

You need to eat carbohydrate to fight your morning sickness. However, choose complex carbohydrates such as quinoa, oatmeal, whole grain pasta or bread. They give you and your baby needed nutrients and make feel full longer than simple carbohydrates.


  • Walk and walk

Walking is the best exercise for pregnant women. At least 10 minutes per day and after 30 days, add 10 more minutes. This program is called”10 minutes for me” recommended by Jeanne Conry, president of the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. This program is suitable for those who are new to workout.


Walking helps maintain your body weight.


After the delivery…


Breastfeeding is one of the fastest ways to lose extra pounds and burn calories. It makes you and your baby healthy too.


Hope this article is useful for those who want to maintain a healthy pregnancy.