10 Biggest Mistakes You Must Avoid When You Want To Lose Weight

10 Biggest Mistakes You Must Avoid When You Want To Lose Weight

Losing weight is not only for your appearance, but for your health. Sometimes some weight loss tips sound easy: cutting your carb intake, doing more workouts, and so on. However, those are much harder to do, easier to talk. In addition, there are some habits you usually do and you do not realize that they will hamper your efforts to lose weight.

Here are the 10 biggest mistakes you’d better not do in order to achieve your weight loss goals

Only have a glass of juice for breakfast

It is almost the same like skipping your breakfast. If you think drinking juices will help you lose weight, you are totally wrong. Most juice can build up your blood sugar level, according to experts. You can have a healthy breakfast by eating oatmeals with fruits or whole-grain bread with low-sugar jam. There are lots of simple, but tasty and healthy breakfast recipes you can try making it at home

Some studies also indicated eating morning meal prevents you from craving too much all day long.

Add sweetener to your coffee or tea

For years, dietitians had supported the idea of using artificial sweetener in diet, according to registered dietitian Lisa Hayim. However, she added that now experts now the risk and sweetener can possibly cause obesity. Use vanilla extract, honey, or cinnamon to add special flavor. For tea, you can skip sweetener, milk, and sugar and just add a slice of lemon.

Have Less Sleep

If you sleep less than seven hours, your metabolism will be severely affected. Getting enough sleep is good for weight loss, and helps regulate hormone that controls our appetite (called leptin and ghrelin).

Skip Carb Entirely From Your Meal Plan

You may want to cut your calorie, however, you need energy for your daily activity. You will get tired easily and too lazy to move if you completely avoid carbs, according to The Nutrition Twins. As a result, you will binge for sweet snacks or fast food to make you feel awake. Try to eat complex carbs such as oats or non-sweet cereals. For rice, you can eat brown rice instead of white rice.

Use olive oil too much

Olive oil is a source of healthy fat, it is true. However, all oils contain fat, regardless of good or bad fat they have. A small amount almost every day can increase your calories. Use olive oil wisely when cooking. Alternatively, steam or blanch your food more often to help you shed pounds faster.

Avoid Your Favorite Food

You follow your diet too strictly to lose weight. Come on, it is okay to indulge yourself. You do not have to avoid all your favorite food to lose weight. It is OK if you want a scoop of ice cream or a slice of cake. But, mind what you eat. It is fine to indulge yourself, but avoid being too crazy on your cheat days.

Too much salad dressing

Vegetables are healthy. Of course, salad is healthy. But, wait! What do you use for dressing? If you choose calorie-powered sauce or dressing, you will ruin your weight loss program. Choose oil-free dressing or vegetable broth. Or you can use lemon juice to drizzle your salad bowl.

Eat standing up

We do that quite often, especially when we want to prepare meals. We open the fridge,eat snacks or whatever, and at the same time we choose the ingredients. If you eat standing up, your calories amount will increase. Therefore, sit down when you eat. You will compare how much you eat when you sit down to how much when you stand up.

Do the same exercise all the time

Doing the same workouts all the time will not work effectively. Apply the FIT principle to help you lose weight faster: Modify or vary the frequency, intensity, or time.

Go crazy after exercise

If you think you can eat whatever you want because you do physical exercise routinely, be careful. Let’s say you run and cycle for one hour, then you are compensating yourself by eating double cheeseburger! How much calories will you have? Use workout to accompany your healthy eating habit.









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